Pornography Addiction Treatment

What is Pornography Addiction?

Pornography addiction, also called cybersex addiction, is a behavioural disorder where sufferers struggle with excessive, problematic viewing of graphic, sexually explicit material. In the modern-day, widespread internet access makes using porn far easier. Users are able to watch porn for free on a variety of devices, anywhere, anytime. The availability of porn via the internet is a major contributing factor in the recent recognition of this disorder.

How Do You Know When Pornography Use is a Problem?

While the use of pornography is common, many people who watch porn do not have an addiction. Pornography addiction can be identified by large amounts of time spent watching explicit material and the negative consequences associated with it.

People can use porn to attempt to fill emotional or social voids, rather than deal with the underlying causes of these voids. It also might cause them to become disassociated or isolated or develop unrealistic or harmful expectations around sex.

Some symptoms of pornography addiction include:

  • Long periods of time spent viewing pornography
  • Lack of interest in other activities, including those previously enjoyed
  • Feelings of shame or depression regarding use; attempts to keep frequency of use hidden from others
  • Inability or disinterest in forming lasting romantic relationships
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Trouble at school or work due to misuse of technology

Cybersex addiction often gets worse over time, which creates problems in daily life and relationships.

How is Pornography Addiction Treated?

As with any addiction, treatment methods for pornography addiction vary, with many focusing on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This focuses on uncovering and addressing the emotional and psychological reason for the development of addiction. Changing habits or patterns of behaviour is critical, as is understanding and tackling the underlying causes of addiction.

For many, pornography addiction often co-occurs with other addictions, such as digital addiction, and it is important that these behaviours are also addressed.

It is also essential to develop relapse prevention skills, giving those recovering from pornography addiction the capability to leave inpatient treatment and return to normal life, armed with the tools to remain free from addiction.

The Cabin in Chiang Mai: Effective Confidential Treatment for Pornography Addiction

R12 at The Cabin provides pornography addiction treatment for LGBT+ clients. Our treatment programme is more successful than mainstream rehab because it addresses the specific challenges faced by the LGBT+ community. Plus, being surrounded by LGBT+ peers and identifying with common struggles will help you feel less isolated and provide a greater sense of belonging. Our R12 programme incorporates Western psychology and Eastern healing practices, tailored to your individual needs, using the ground-breaking treatment model pioneered by The Cabin.

Our residential treatment centre, part of The Cabin in Chiang Mai, offers participants an environment away from triggers and temptations so they can fully focus on their recovery. Premium villa accommodation in beautiful surroundings includes healthy cuisine, spacious gym and pools, promising clients a home away from home.

Our gender-responsive therapy focuses on tackling the underlying reasons for pornography addiction, as well as addressing the pressures and challenges uniquely faced by men. The Reach programme curriculum is also ‘trauma-informed’, which means it focuses on each client’s traumas, both big and small, which are often linked to addiction.

Clients have access to various different types of therapy to ensure that individual needs are covered. All of our counsellors are Western-trained to the highest standard and we have a number of specialist ‘CSAT’ trained counsellors, who specialise in understanding and treating sexual addictions. These counsellors can work alongside our digital addictions specalists to comprehensivelly treat pornography addiction and it’s nuances.

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